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Company Profile

On 3 November 2005, Karel Groothuis started with the cleaning of machinery using dry ice.

Working as a group leader at (etching) printers, had lots of experience with ink build-up leading to many unnecessary breakdowns. We therefore decided to look for a cleaning method that would not only ensure a perfectly clean machine, but that would also be environmentally friendly.

Since we had a graphic and technical background, it wasn't long before we came up with the idea of offering a complete solution. We therefore offer a complete service package where we make use of a number of specialised companies.

We not only clean machinery at our premises, but we are also mobile and will come and clean the machinery on your site. During this process, the machinery is wrapped up to ensure that the area around the machine will not be dirtied.

Our objective here is a happy client, knowing that the rest will follow suit. Our points of departure to reach our objectives are: flexibility (24/7), perfection, involvement, eco-friendly, not too expensive and honest/pleasant mutual dealings. This is then also the reason why you have to be with us for the cleaning of your machinery.